Pick Up In Salem, Oregon.. 02/21/2017

Rented a Drop Deck Trailer To Haul It Home.

Loading Starts!!! (Helpers Gomez and My Son Scott)

Removed The Chip Pan….

Loaded & Strapping Down!

Headed Home….

Unloading… Driveway Was To Steep! So Had to Improvise a Pulley/Comealong System… Poor Anchor Point but it Worked Moving it Inch by Inch…. With Rayun, Gomez, & My Son Scott..

Off The Trailer

Machine Is in the Garage! Well it did Not Fit… Back in 1999-2000 Most Garage was converted to living Space!

So Family Out and VMC In was The Decision!

Lots of Demolition but Now a Full 2 Car Garage Shop Again.

100A Sub For For The Garage Shop Area…

OSB for the wall Ready To Hang… Plywood for attic Flooring.

Insulation for The Garage Roxul Fire & Sound…

Sheeting Going up On Lid and Wall’s

Getting Closer Hope To Be Done Soon… Lighting Installed!

Waiting on Cabinets “Back Orderd” “Update: 05/24 Cabinets Shipped Had to Change Color” Will Be The White With Grey Door New Age Products Pro 3.0 Not the Black With Red Door.

I Will Update As More Progress.. Happens! Need to Move Lots of stuff in to the cabinets to make room… Then can Plumb Air Etc.

04/28/2017 1st set of Cabinets arrived…

Of the 7 Cabinets 1 was damaged on a Front Corner.

But have 5 up on one side of the garage still needs 1 more but it’s very unsightly.

More Cabinets Arrived…

Getting Closer and Closer to the Plan.