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I am still In Recovery From Surgery But Should Get Things Moving Quickly.

3ND883 Details  | 3ND883 Manual

Mail Call 12-30-2017 The Non Functioning Tormach Drive Arrived Safe and Sound…

The Only Editing Will be The Removal Of The Serial #’s In Double Photos The Left Photo Will Always Be the Tormach Drive. During the Destructive Phase the Retail (Working Drive Will Not be Harmed) Sorry!

Left is the Tormach Version of the Leadshine 3ND883 Drive and Right is the Retail Version of the Leadshine 3ND883 Drive. You Can See There is a Clear Difference Other Than the Chinese Writing is the 10 Pin IDC Header on the Tormach version and the Phoenix Connector on the Retail Version. Pinouts of the IDC See Older Tormach Manual.

The Gut’s (Comments To Follow)

Close Up Photos Of The Circuit Board!!

Tormach Drive Off The Heatsink.

Tormach 3nd883 Drive Top & Bottom of PCB.

Looks to Be Using Standard IRF540A Mosfets

Up Next is the Simi Destructive Phase! Taking Components Off… Most the Part #’s  have been Acid Etched Away on Both Drives.

Removed Mosfets All Check Out… Good All Within International Rectifier’s Data Sheet Specifications. 1st thing to check on these Leadshine drives.

Next Check The Transformer… Yep All Good.

Kinda Gave Up For the Night… As Need to get a New Nozzle for my Desoldering Gun! I have a few some place but this one starting to where out and cause to much damage. Want to Minimize the Damage!

Ohhh Some of My Desoldering / Soldering Equipment Used Tonight! The Power Supply is 80V @ 5A

After Getitng my Desoldering Nozzle a little hand drill treatment and replacing a rotten filter , I Was Doing Some Additional Disassembly and Testing of Parts. I Found a Bad LM317 Voltage Regulator on the bottom of the Baord… By Luck I was able to Scavange one form a Junk PCB I had laying around it was surface mount but WTH it will work! I Replaced it and Reassembled the Drive… And Yes that is a Green Light!

I Hooked It Up to the Lathe And We have Movement… I know there are simpler way to diagnosis but my intent was to provide a tear-down of the 3nd883 for blog content which that intent has been a success.

More to Follow.

I am Going To beat This Drive a Bit… Prob Till Failure!