Forget High Prices @ Harbor Freight, Lowes & Home Depot… Look at Georgia Towel Co. On Ebay.. $56.00 Shipped For 500 Quality Shop Rags About 25-30lbs and Many Colors to Choose From.

I got the blue and there is very little color bleed.

They are About the same thickness / weight as the Lowes Brand that I have been using but could be a bit thicker. “can still see light thru them when held up to the light” but for sure thicker then the ones that Home Depot and Harbor Freight Sell.

The Boarder stitching “HEM” is about the same as the China Made Harbor Freight some random strings.

Not Schooled in Textile Weight but supposed to be 155# textile weight. Not sure is lower or higher is thicker/thinner. a bit confusing from mfg to mfg.

These weight on average of 50 rags .8 oz ea Harbor Fright/ Home Depot .6 oz ea Lowes is .7 oz ea.

I would say these are great value for the money. Will post update after first and second laundry mat runs see how they hold up.