Since I did a Teardown the the Xytronic 526 figured I would let ya all take A Look Inside, Xytronic 850D Digital Hot Hot Air SMD/SMT Rework station. I have had this for a while and it has been a good performer.

Outside Front Panel.
Xytronic 850D

Inside Guts, The pump has been a work horse  over the years!
Xytronic 850D Guts

Transformer Labeled AT-850D
Xytronic 850D Transormer

Rear Main PCB Notice the Panasonic Caps 🙂
Xytronic 850D Power Board

Xytronic 850D Main PCB 1

Back of Main PBC
Xytronic 850D Main PCB Back

That is as far as I took it for its annual cleaning/inspection.

Last Updated on April 30, 2015 by Steven Rhine