Uniden BCT15X Scanner Failed / Broken Display, The Display Would Power On With Backlight Only no Text.

Form searching this seems to be a common failure point and Uniden BCT15 BCT15X Series Scanners. I have confirmed Uniden America does not sell replacement displays or front panel assemblies. So Uniden Gets an “F” for Right to Repair. Uniden America said only their Repair Shop has access to parts and the repair is $89.99 + Shipping to Them another $20.00.

The statement that if they cannot fix it the fee is non refundable. “The flat rate service/repair fee is NON REFUNDABLE. If a product is not repairable, we will notify you that the unit is not repairable & we will typically offer a comparable model as a replacement at a discounted rate.” So wonder percentage is a no fix just to sell them a new unit. Uniden is in the business of producing and selling new units.

This is the perfect reason why we need #righttorepair legislation to pass. This is currently a $220 radio new and average $125.00 Used so to spend $115 + sales tax on a repair is not economical when Generally LCD COG displays are cheep about $5.00-$10.00.

So lets take it apart and find an alternative!

Disassemble The Uniden BCT15X Display / Control Board PH-0314CA and The BCt15 Board is PH-0314AA.

Desolder the Retaining Plate 4 Points, Desolder the 18 Display Pins Remove Retaining Plate and and LCD from PH-0314CA PCB

BCT15X Display Disassembled.

BCT15X Display Part # JIC-MSGP009661-02 / 121221N43 this may be a custom COG I am unable to source it on the open market. I will probe around and get some pin outs


If anyone knows of a source for a display other than finding a parts unit let me know. I contacted Uniden America on Monday 05/23/2022 the display and or complete front pannel is only available to their repair department. I asked about their position on #righttorepair they said they are aware of it but no comment.  I did swap out a front panel form a BCT15 and it works when installed in the X. I will Swap out the entire COG in a week or three may just run it remotely also. Knowing this radio Form My BCT15X Teardown Post this radio uses a Renesas V850ES Series MCU UPD70F3741-GC (Data Sheet) so it may not be to hard to adapt another display.

Closest thing so far is.

Pinout for a St7565 18pin COG LCD Display

I believe the MFG of this Cog is www.unicornmfg.com.hk


I have put the Display Board on the bench. I have Confirmed SPI Communications. Pinout is common also. The first 7 pins CS, RST, CTRL, CLK, SDI, VDD, VSS the rest are Power Management/Drive for LCD. So I think a 2.2. or a 2.54 OLED May work in place. I am still not sure what controller ic is used in the original cog I hope not something custom. I also Looked for an hour thru the bread board bin drawer and scrap bin and only found i2C & uart displays. So I will hit amazon and some friends up for a couple to play with!

Uniden BCT15X Scanner Failed / Broken Display
Right to Repair Score: F

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