May 30th A Third Prusa MK3S 3D Printer Added To the Print Farm.

Will Fit Right In I Should have time to work on the bench this weekend.

Quick Video Of the 3 D Printers.

First Print Fail… 2nd Print was Acceptable but not right! The filament i got with it was Crap so to the recycle bin it went.

I tore the extruder down and I noticed that some of the parts were meted from what looks like a failed print and the filament sensor was not working correctly and pinda clamp was held on by a thread.

So I Printed the MK3S+ 3d Printed parts in PETG + a Spare Set Just in case I get #4 and its a MK3/3S also.

Side By Side Left MK3S right MK3S+

All Reassembled width the MK3S+= Extruder parts working as it should now.

Printed a SD Card Holder since i had the PETG loaded.

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Steven Rhine