Building My Own Xeltek Compatible Universal CX DX Adapters

Sometime back I acquired a Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Universal Gang Programmer.

I Currently, I do not possess an adequate number of Xeltek CX0001 adapters to conduct a thorough test on the Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Universal Gang Programmer. Moreover, I am lacking PLCC20 chips for the adapters that were included with the Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP. To exacerbate the situation, Xeltek is requesting a sum of $95.00 for each CX0001 adapter, totaling $380.00, and an additional approximate $20 for shipping. (Yes, I Know I could have Ordered a handful of PLCC Chips but wheres the fun in that)

Therefore, I had to improvise by using Alexander’s Magic Chip to test it. Initially, I believed I had an extra 0001 adapter that I could use and pair with another Magic Chip. However, it turned out that I did not have an extra adapter after all.
Xeltek Magic Chip V1 CX0001
Although I still lacked sufficient CX/DX0001 Adapters, A while back Alexander publicly released the Magic Chip V1 for the Superpro 5000E and Superpro 6100N, which operated on pre-September 2019 software.  Being Inspired by Alexander’s groundbreaking Mega Magic Adapter for the 6100N, I decided to create my own CX0001 Adapters with Integrated V1 Magic Chips and ISP Headers for this Gang Programmer. (Please Support Alexander He Has Done Some Awesome Work) You can get the Mega Magic Adapter Directly Form Him Message Him On His Telegram they Relatively Inexpensive about the cost a 1-2 Xeltek Adapters. And you Will ahve the Ability to use Standard common adapters.
Mega Magic Adapter For Xeltek Superpro SP5K SP6K

It was high time for me to acquaint myself with modern PCB EDA software. Having not actively worked with it for over 20 years, except for using it to view files, I was determined to complete this project and a couple of others that had been on the back burner for some time. Therefore, I dedicated several days to immersing myself in the latest software offerings. Throughout my exploration, I delved into a vast variety of Modern PCB EDA software options, including Altium, KiCad, Eagle, Pads, Sprint Layout 6, and EasyEDA. After carefully evaluating each option, I ultimately settled on JLCPCB’s EasyEDA Pro due to its exceptional user-friendliness, ease of navigation, and the massive footprint/parts library tied to LCSC, a major supplier of parts in China.
With my software choice made, I turned my attention to the Xeltek CX/DX 0001 Schematic.

Xeltek CX/DX 0001 Schematic Drawn By Sergey.
Xeltek CX/DX 0001 Schematic Drawn By Sergey.

This adapter has a straightforward and simple design. Once I had everything set up and ready to go, I eagerly began experimenting and exploring the abundant features it easyeda had to offer. Here is a rendering of the PCB I created.

This is the 4 Layer PCB and a 3D model of my adapter made with EasyEDA Pro for the 5000/5000E series. I added a 10Pin IDC Header for Using on Devices that have a In Circuit Programing Capability Vs Having to Use a Xeltek ISP-Header-01 (Here is the Xeltek CX/DX Footprint for the Hirose FX2 Layout For Easy EDA)
Xeltek CX/DX UX0001 PCB EDA View
Rendering of the 2 Prototypes one set up just for the Magic Chip V1 and a second one that can be used for both Mgaic Chip V1 and V2 Configurations. The EDA software is Limited so Rendering places all parts on the board.
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1 PCB Rendering  Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1.2 PCB Rendering

Placed order for the V1 Only boards from JLCPCB on Monday July 3rd
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX SP5000 SP5000E SP6000 Rev 1 Ordering Form JLC PCB
JLCPCB gives some Good progress Updates. Shipped July 5th whats what 2 Days MFG Time. I Ordered Rev 1.2 a little bit later.

JLCPCB is really Fast and Affordable, The Boards with $1.46 Line Haul Shipping Arrived In My Mail Box On July 12th 2023

Unboxing Videos

I made 2 Versions one for the Public Magic Chip V1 (Green) for for the Older Superpro 5000-6000 Programmers That Run CX Adapters and one for the Magic Chip V2 (Black) For the Superpro 6100/6100N  (You Must Use the Atmega328 From Your Magic Chip V2 As This Code is Not Public) I may Make The PCB’s Available For a Small Fee. You can Download the Files for making your own V1 Magic Chip Here it includes the V1 file for the Atmega 168 for the 5000E and 6100N The Pre September 2019 software can be found Here.

 Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1.2 PCB Form JLCPCB

Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1 and Rev 1.2 PCB's JLCPCB
December 4th, 2023, I utilized my insomnia and spare time to actively assemble the DIY Xeltek Adapter Rev 1 PCB. I identified a few necessary corrections: the ISP Connector’s IDC Connector Silk Screen is incorrect, and I overlooked covering some of the vias with solder mask. While these issues don’t impact functionality or electrically, I will address them if I choose to proceed with making more or redoing these boards. I require four of these Rev 1 boards for the 5004EGP and 1 for the 5004E I have.
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1 For Superpro Assembled

DIY Xeltek Adapter Installed on a Xeltek Superpro 6000 (I Have a Custom Version of the V1 Firmware to Work On the 5000/6000)
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1 PCB Testing Superpro 6000
The More versatile V1.2 Black Board offers two assembly options to Cater to your specific needs. You can effortlessly assemble it for use with the Public V1 Magic Chip. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to configure it for seamless transfer of your Magic Chip V2 Atmega 328P microcontroller, especially useful that the magic chip 2 firmware is non-public.

Presenting the 3 UX0001 Universal Adapters For the Xeltek Superpro programmers. Hand assembling these takes some time!
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1 Rev 1.2 PCB's All Configurations

Here is the UX0001 Working Configured For the Magic Chip 1 on the Superpro 6000 With Custom Code.
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1.2 PCB Magic Chip V1 Testing Superpro 6000

Additionally, Here is the UX0001 REV 1.2 Working on the Superpro 6100N it is Configured For the Magic Chip 2 I Transferred My Magic Chip V2 Microcontroller Over.
Universal Adapter UX0001 For Xeltek CX/DX Rev 1.2 PCB Magic Chip V2 Testing Superpro 6100N

Both the Adapter Configurations Magic Chip 2 on the Left and Magic Chip 1 Right.

Alexander Did Send me a Mega Magic Adapter PCB to I have Most all the Parts to Assemble Ecept For the Display it is Inbound But I will make another Post About the Mega Magic Adapter.

Assembling the Mega Magic Adapter As Soon as the Display and The Colored Header Pins arrive Will Finish Assembly.

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