I have been using as magic chip for the Xeltek 6100N for some time now, and it has saved me a lot inf adapters for the one off devices that did not warrant the purchase of a Xeltek Adapter.

Alexander the developer of the Magic Chip sent the Prototype Magic Chip MCU to Use for my Magic Chip V2 PCB for the Superpro 7500 GX0001 Adapter.
So Since I Removed my Atmega328P form the Magic Chip V2 to use on my Board I have Change the Oscillator Circuit to 12mhz and 2 0603 15pf  Caps and Soldered on the new Atmega with the Sp7500 Magic Chip
Magic Chip For Superpro 7000 7500 7500N Accessory For Xeltek Parts

Atmega328P With MagicChip For Sp7500 V1 Installed and Display Replaced, It Booted in to the Bootloader.
Reassembling Magic Chip For Xeltek Superpro 7500 Reassembling Magic Chip For Xeltek Superpro 7500 Boot Mode
Xeltek GX0001 Adapter is Ready to Go Waiting On the Firmware to Load to the Magic Chip to Test Out.

Was Sent the Flash to Try,

Flashing the Firmware Finished.

Results, Went Well. Xeltek Superpro 7500/7500N users can now use common low cost Universal Adapters up to 48 pins with the Superpro 7500/7500N A 144pin Breakout Board is Possible.

Testing out the Magic Chip for the Superpro 7500 so far so good has authenticated every adapter id I have tossed at it running out of target devices and standard adapters to test lol

You Can Get The Magic Chip / Mega Magic Accessories From Александр “Alexander” On his Xeltek Telegram Group. Just ask how to buy in the chat and he will message you. https://t.me/+NKjL11OEQUhiNzMy Yes, he is in Russia and mail is getting out to the USA.

I damaged my middle button so I had to replace it with a new one…

I Made a Short Demo Video

I made a PCB to transfer the Magic chip for the Xeltek 7500 over to but I made a few mistakes and will need to remake it will work the way it is, but I only have 1 chip and want to transfer it only once. I may just wait for Alexanders Mega Magic for the 7500.

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Steven Rhine