Unveiling the Advin Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Universal Programmer: An Electrifying Addition to My Programming Lab!

Picture this: a late-night internet browsing session, a serendipitous discovery, and a deal that was simply too good to resist. The stars aligned, and I found myself face-to-face with the extraordinary deal on a Xeltek 5004EGP Universal Programmer. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey.

I plan to share the tale of how this cutting-edge device may revolutionized my chip programming lab!

Unboxing The Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP

How the Unit Arrived for Seller.
Advin Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Universal Programmer

It Included 4 Xeltek CX2020 PLCC Adapters.

Xeltek CX0220 PLCC Adapters Xeltek CX0220 PLCC Adapters Bottom View

Clean Up The Transformation of..

Removing the Advin Badging Revealing The 5004EGP Programmers True Xeltek Identity.

All Cleaned Up.
Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Universal Programmer

Internal Inspection Of the Xeltek Superpro 50004EGP Universal Gangf Programmer.
Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP Internal Inspection.

All the sockets have been covered up. The adapters are safely stored in the programming adapter drawer. If you own a 3D printer, you can print your own covers using the STL file I created it is available on my Rhine_Labs Printables.Com Profile. In case you don’t have a 3D printer but would still like a socket cover, I can print one for you for a small fee.
Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP With Covers

Video of the Xeltek Superpro SP5k SP6K Cover

On to the Testing of this unit.

Please Check back and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the The upcoming tear-down video of the Xeltek Superpro 50004EGP Universal Gang Programmer I dissect this remarkable device, we will witness the culmination of cutting-edge engineering and unrivaled precision. Get ready to witness the unseen and join us in unraveling the captivating secrets of the Xeltek Superpro 50004EGP Universal Gang Programmer!

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