Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U (Pitney Bowes JP85) Scale Teardown

While browsing through eBay, I stumbled upon a valuable addition for the shop—a Pitney Bowes JP85, which is Just a rebranded Mettler Toledo BC60 Series BC6L scale. Despite having with a plastic platter, I discovered that the stainless platter from my existing Mettler Toledo PS60 fit seamlessly. Every component underwent a thorough check, and I’m pleased to report that everything is in perfect working order. I also Snagged a Second Display for it The prospect of having two displays is a welcomed bonus many time i have placed something on the scale went to the PC and forgot the weight LOL.

Lets Take it Appart!

Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U (Pitney Bowes JP85) Scale Display Removed..
Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U (Pitney Bowes JP85) Scale Display Removed
Mianboard Cover Removed.
Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U (Pitney Bowes JP85) Scale Main Board Cover Removed.
Back Of Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U Main Board. Remove 2 Screws.
Mettler Toledo BC60 BC6L BCA-222-60U (Pitney Bowes JP85) Scale Main Board Back
After Disconnecting the Load Cell The Main Board is Free..

This Scale Packs a NXP LPC1768FBD100 Conveniently Mettler Toledo Labled the JTAG in nice large Letters, Sadly None of My Xeltek Programmers Support this for In-circuit Programming so I WIll have to Use alternate Method Such as J-link to make a firmware backup.

From the foot Print by the JTAG Letters it looks like a Standard Cortex Debug Connector layout (10-pins, 0.05″) just missing the connector (For Now) Connector is a FTSH-105-01-L-DV-K

Update I decided to read the BC Scale Service Manual, Page 105 Section 5.2 Update Scale Software 5.2.1 Update By USB.

To get to the firmware you can hold the left arrow key while plugging it in and release the screen will be blinking and will show as a drive on your computer with a firmware.bin file inn the directory, Just copy this file you have backed up your firmware. I am on Software Number: 30233384 Version: 1.00.015  (My Backup).

I’ve identified a Winbond 25X40CL EEPROM on the board U17. I plan to read this to potentially uncover valuable information such as the Scale Model Number, Serial Number, and Calibration Data. Considering the likelihood that this EEPROM stores indispensable data, losing it due to an EPROM failure or corruption would be a significant setback, possibly requiring the purchase of an entire board from Mettler Toledo, the costs of which are uncertain. In the service manual trouble shooting there is a lot of eprom errors and eprom is broken. I am Eager to safeguard this information, I’m set on backing it up and delving into a deeper understanding of my scale. Stay tuned for updates on this intriguing exploration!

I also noticed it has ATMELH8202ECL? and a 24LDERB?? Possible NFC/RFID?Attached to the antenna on the bottom? I did not see any FCC ID on the Scale.

Went thru the service manual and I have Set it up and All options/modes it has are enabled.
Ntoing the Incruments  Changed
10 lb x 0.1 oz
149 lb x 0.5 oz
10 lb x 0.1 oz
70 lb x 0.2 oz
149 lb x 0.5 oz

Sadly no ethernet or bluetooth options installed I will keep an eye out for them on feebay.

A friend has a Certified 25lb calibration weights he will be bring them by in the near future and will check it but having known weight it seems accurate.

Last Updated on January 1, 2024 by Steven Rhine