I have had a few people ask about the Older Miller Syncrowave 350LX Units making a Timer / Sequencer.

These Units Came with a Pulse Board Standard, they Did Not Come with a Timer / Sequencer Board it was a Option.

The miller pulser and timer boards I have made will not work on the 1st 350LX version uses 183101/183105 and the Wiring is Different and the layout is also most notably the rotary selector switch on the timer. So, Unless I can find a Name Plate Miller Part # 183260 or someone local so can pull the measurements off of and someone local that is willing to let me test the boards on it is Not Going to Happen any time soon.

The 2nd Version of the 350LX uses the Miller 300547/300548 boards which my replacement boards will work on.

Miller Part # 183101 Pulser Info.

Miller Part # 183105 Timer / Sequencer Info.

Yes, you Can DIY your approach by utilizing this information to craft a pulser and/or timer sequencer Dead Bug style. However, enhance your awareness when engaging in a Dead Bug build, as the welder generates high frequencies. To ensure optimal performance by employing the use of high-quality copper wire and keeping them as short as possible. Avoid the use of wire-wound potentiometers; opt for carbon and cermet unless shielded internally to prevent erratic /unwanted operation. The challenge lies in identifying a suitable rotary switch to complete your Dead Bug style masterpiece.

Have Fun!!

If I can source a front plate or a local with a 350LX that I can get the Measurements form and to the test fitting of 3d printed model I will make a sequencer for the Legacy 350LX.



Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Steven Rhine