New Tool.. Segger Flasher Pro Teardown and Segger Flasher Pro Pro XL  Comparison. Really did not want to invest much in this due to my experience with Segger Microcontroller Systems on #rightorepair on the older Segger Flasher 5 (R1) Legacy and their Anti Repair Practices but I ended up requiring one so had to get one.

Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01

Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 Unboxing Video

I Hooked Unit Up Detected and Upgraded The Firmware March 15th 2022 to February 28th 2024

I will use their registration program and register the programmer the next few days.

Registration Sends You to a Website

You will get a Confirmation E-mail Letting you know if your Flasher or J-Link is Authentic Or Not.

Exploring the Internal Web Server

Gives the Following Links

Telnet Access Kind Of.. Just Displays the Following:
J-Link / Flasher PRO V5-1 telnet-shell.
J-Link / Flasher PRO V5-1 compiled Feb 28 2024 14:47:07

Internal Photos.
CPU is a Xilinx XC7Z007S-1CLG400
Flash MX30LF1GE (1 Gig)

My Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 (Non XL) board bears the distinguished label “Flasher ARM V5.1,” possibly indicating the manufacturing date as 210504. Notably, my unit arrived without a micro SD card included.
Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 Opened Up Main Board

The image below was graciously shared by an acquaintance in Turkey (many thanks for that). It reveals the interior of a Segger Flasher Pro XL 5.17.02 PCB, with markings indicating “Flasher ARM V5.1B,” potentially suggesting a manufacturing date of 220627. Interestingly, the CPU and flash components remain consistent. However, the contents of the SD card remain a mystery; I’ll reach out to request an image of its contents for further exploration.

Segger Flasher Pro XL 5.17.02 Opened Up Main Board
Segger Flasher Arm V5.07.01 (Is Diffrent) Thank you Ebay Seller kidforlife for the Photos. He is selling his Flasher ARM Click Here The board is a Bit Different.
Segger Flasher Arm 5.07.01 Cover Off

Board Removed Form Mine Photos Of Top and Bottom
Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 PCB Top Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 Bottom

Close up Photos (I have to retake these not sure why setting are grainy) will update soon!
CPU is a Xilinx XC7Z007S-1CLG400
Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 CPU
Flash MX30LF1GE (1 Gig)
Segger Flasher Pro 5.17.01 Flash
TI RS21EC RS232 Driver Chip

More Soon!!

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