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November 2023, the site experienced a crash, prompting the need for a new layout as my theme was incompatible with the current update. I’ll be ironing out the bugs as I find than and find the the time to correct them (I am not a coder so I have to learn as I go). The Site should also now be mobile/tablet friendly.

Updated: Jan-01-2023
I have shut down the AK Parts Shack it is no more!
Work has begun on I will soon be accepting mail-in electronics repair and chip programing.

I have seen some of my images floating around on other sights and some tutorials. I am not a copyright snob, I do not mind if people are using my images. But, If you wish to use my Images all I ask is if you use them you must link the source page Thank You

#RighttoRepair or #Right2Repair, If I am Dealing with a Company When Repairing a Device, I will assess the company for repeatability and give a Right to Repair ScoreĀ  On an A to F Scale. “A” Being Full Support to “F” Being Fail! If the company gets an “F” I will list the reasons why. Undetermined means I have either not contacted or checked.

Current Shop Needs… or Wants! (Machine Shop has Taken a Backseat)
2 Decent Vices Possibly Kurt DX6’s or ??
Haimer Zero Master
TTS Tool Holders ER20 & ER16 or IGStool Has US Stock Now
Touch Screen Monitors For The Mill & Lathe
Mesa 7I92H To Try Ethernet Control Of Mill.
Power Drawbar For PCNC 1100
Enclosure For the Tormach PCNC 1100

Machine Shop Things To Do: Updated 02/04/2022 (I have Been Distracted With Life, Covid, And No Gun Shows For a over a Year Now)
Install Mechanical Limit Switches On Lathe. (Not a Priority No Gun Shows For Funding)
Build Electrical Cabinet For Lathe. (Not a Priority)
Mill Out Tool Post Riser For Lathe.
Install Plumbing For Compressed Air.

If this Site Helps You, If You Like What You See, and/or You Just Want to Support My Blog Please Donate via Cash App $slrhine, or Amazon Wish List Gift

No Annoying Ad’s Should Be On This Blog In 2023! I Will try and keep it that way as long as possible but 2022 was hard to just keep the blog going. So far 2023 is looking better already. I may still add a Supporting Vendor Sticky Post But That is About It. I have been focasing more on my you-tube channel than the blog

Attention Supporting Vendors / Patrons Please Contact Me On Facebook. Link to the right in the link section.. Or Just Click Here! Facebook is the current means of contact to avoid russsian brides and all my long lost nigeriann (miss spelled) relatives!! If you are real I may talk to ya.

Why No Blog Comments Section? Not enough time to sort out the Spammers!

You can Call Me or Leave a Text Message 3 6 0 – 9 7 5 – 3 1 6 5
Message Will Not Be Received If Photos or Media Are Attached.

Current Programming Equipment:

Universal Programmers / Standalone Programmers
1, Xeltek Superpro 3000U
1, Xeltek Superpro 5000E
1, Xeltek Superpro 5004EGP (Gang Programmer)
2, Xeltek Superpro 5000
1, Xeltek Superpro 6000
2, Xeltek Superpro 6100N
2, Xeltek Superpro 7000
1, Xeltek Superpro 7500
1, Silicon Sculptor 3
1, System General T9200
1, Chipmaster 6000

Special Programmers / ICP Programmers
Xeltek Superpro IS01
Segger Flasher Pro
Segger Flasher Portable Plus
2, Segger Flasher 5 R1
Altera Blaster
Cypress PSOC Miniprog
Xilinx DLC10

Few Misc ISP Programmers.

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