Fluke 187 DMM Repair Stuck On LEADS and Beeps.

Fluke 187 DMM Repair Stuck On LEADS and Beeps

Well It happened again.. My Old Faithful Went LEADS Again even with no Leads Installed. The Last Time Cleaning the Pen Holder with 99% IPA and A Lint Free Swab fixed it. Unfortunately,  This time another cleaning was not Successful. I Looked at a few sources and ebay seemed the quickest way to get apart. There are 2 main sellers Fluke and a seller GWNIVER out of Canada the seller out of Canada has original fluke parts and was about $10.00 less ($28 at time of purchase) and that is with with free shipping to the USA and a better estimated arrival date then from Fluke in California. So Order Placed from Canada! Shipping was Lightning Fast at 6 days Total (Track Here) and Part Arrived well Packaged and Was Identical to the One that was in the DMM.

So Fluke 187 DMM Repair was on I quickly Desolderd the original Fluke 187 Pen Holder and Replaced with the Replacement .
Fluke 187 DMM Repair Pen Holder Removed Fluke 187 DMM Repair Pen Holder Replacement
No Issues with the Fluke 187 Pen Holder Replacement the part fit perfectly! The Fluke 187 is back in operation like it was new again.  I have owned this DMM since it was new in the early 2000’s memory is bit foggy that far back.

I Will send it Off to Have it Calibrated! That Will Tell the final story of old faithful!!

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Steven Rhine