Would like to thank BK Precision for the expeditious customer service, Called about a parts list and schematic for an Oscilloscope that was discontinued in 1983 with-in 20min I had a e-mail containing the information I was after..


That is how it should be.

I obtained this scope about 15 or so years ago.

The Scope Works great now just wanted schematic and parts list to give her a service this spring when i can take it off line.

This old analog scope shall last another 40+ years!!

I for sure will do a follow up of internal photos when the time comes!!

But she is a workhorse!!!

Update 09/13/20 Not missing a pulse. Till recently developed a bad solder connection that was quickly found! I am Sure she will develop more!

Update 06/21/21 This Scope Will Soon be having a new owner after 15+ Years Of Faithful Service.  Will be Sad to See it Go!

Update06/25/21 Scope has a New Owner.

Last Updated on June 25, 2021 by Steven Rhine