Upgraded Tig Welder to a Miller 250DX

I said so long to the Miller 211 Mig Welder and Diversion 180 Tig Welder and a 1/2 full 150 Bottle of Argon..
(The Rifles Are Still Here!!)

In Exchange Say Hello to a Pristine 2015 Model Year Miller 250DX Liquid Cooled Tig Runner! With Just 230 Hours Run time.

MIller 250DX Tig Welder Arc Time and Cycles

Software Version: 213303
Arc Time: 232 Hours and 3 Mins
Cycles: 49,436

Not Fully Optioned Out Yet!! Soon Very Soon I will be Building a DIY Pulser and Sequencer. Details below! (Moved to Its Own Post)


Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Steven Rhine