Husqvarna HU775BBC Repair.  Will be Quick and Dirty Driveway Fix.

After 11 or 12 Years The Blade Clutch and Drive System Locked Up.

Seems The Bearings Seals Had Sized Up. The Parts Manual and All Sits Said No Replacements Available had to buy the Free Hub, Idler, and Blade/Brake Clutch Assembly.

Bearing For the 581 35 45-01 Tension Arm Assembly, Blade Brake/Clutch $58.00 to $72.00 part Common 6203-2RS $8.00 (Local Auto Parts Store Timkin USA)
Bearing For the 581 30 81-01 Free Hub/Blade Adapter $55-$85 Common Bearing R14-2RS $9.00 for 2 you only need one. (Amazon)
Bearing for the 580 36 43-01 Pulley, Idler $7.00 (Amazon) Common Bearing 1616-2RS $5.50 (Amazon)

I the only part that was Destroyed by the sized bearing was the 580 36 43-01 Idler for the Drive Wheels. It was Plastic and did not survive but a replacement 587 96 92-01 was only $7.00.

Photo below is of the parts neing serviced.. The left is the plastic Idler for the drive system. The Bottom is the Blade Hub, Right is the Tension Arm (I Already Replaced Bearing As I Had One) The bearings are press fit but they are not that tight. Care should be taken on the Tension Arm Assembly bearings as it is just sheet-metal the bearing goes in to.

Don’t let them tell you that the bearings are non serviceable / not replaceable they are and they are very inexpensive and standard off the shelf parts.

On the other hand The Belts Ouch $35.00 for the 579273201 Blade Belt and $16 for the Drive Belt!

Last Updated on April 7, 2021 by Steven Rhine