Quick TR1300A Rework Station With Teardown and Compare to Atten ST-862D.

The Quick TR1300A Rework Station Arrived 09/07/2021

Quick TR1300A Rework Station

She is a Little Loud. But Sure Will Move Some Air.

Side By Side Tr1100 on the Left TR1300A On The Right.
Quick TR1100 and TR1300A Side By Side

Side By Side Atten ST-862D  Left The  TR1300A Right.

ATTEN ST-862D and Quick TR1300A Time To 400C and Cool Down.
(Cannot Locate My Thermal Couple For the Fluke Or I Would Measure Temp Also)

Hakko 850D (SMD Tractor) Left  Vs Quick TR1300A Right

There was a 1 Week Ship Delay From Distributor In China, And then Fedex Taking it on a Tour of the USA over flying Portland a few times But it Arrived Safely.

Internal Photos

To Remove the Cover there are 4 Screws in the Back Remove Them and Take the Insert Out. Slide the Cover About and Inch and a half there is a nut and washer holding a ground wire.

Cover Removed The Bottom Nothing to See Just a Plate with Fan Shock Mounts

Quick TR1300A Rework Station Driver Board Is On The Top Held In with 4 Screws Once Screw is Thru-hole Plated and Makes Good Electrical Contact to Chassis.

Driver Board Top Side.

Display Board Back Side. (Sorry Was Not Going to Remove Form Chassis)

Whats this a Labeled Programing Header? Humm? Maybe Next Time!!

Video Of The Quick TR1300A Naked.


October 28th 2023, I cannot believe its been 2 Years already. Expect a Follow up on this rework station shortly. So far i have been happy with it no issues.

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