Sorry For the Down Time 10/2017… Back up 10/18/2017

I Crashed The Word Press Database! All Fixed Now!

Current Shop Needs… or Wants!
2 Decent Vices Possibly Kurt DX6’s or ???
Haimer Zero Master
TTS Tool HoldersĀ ER20 & ER16
Tormach Part # 32574 Lathe Control Board (On its Way 12-11-2017) (Received 12-15-2017)
Touch Screen Monitors For The Mill & Lathe (Arrived) Total Junk… “Scrapped” I Will Have Blog Post Completed Shortly!
Mesa 7I92H To Try Ethernet Control Of Mill.
Power Drawbar For PCNC 1100
Enclosure For the Tormach PCNC 1100

Shop Things To Do:
Install New Window (Complete)
Get VFD/Spindle Running ON The Lathe (Working On It 01-19-2018)
Install Mechanical Limit Switchs On Lathe.
Build Electrical Cabinet For Lathe.
Mill Out Tool Post Riser For Lathe.
Make Work Benches
Install Plumbing For Compressed Air

The 1st part of 2018 will be slow… due to them cutting my bacon.