Here you will Find Info on the EX to GX Adapter Converter For The Xeltek Superpro 7000

The EX to GX converter For the Xeltek Superpro 700 was a little bit of a challenge due to the slight differences in pinouts between the Superpro 7000 and 7500 going from 1.0mm  pitch to 1.27mm pitch but I got it routed out after dozens of tries.

The commonly available Hirose FX2-100P-1.27SV(71) connectors are for the top of the board, with the exception of the Oupiin connectors mentioned earlier on the bottom, which are now obsolete. To resolve this issue, one must either source a donor adapter or replace the connector on the SK7K-GND Board with another 1.00mm board-to-board connector. Alternatively, one could try using 1.0mm pin pitch male/female headers is a viable solution they are used on other later of the broad stack.

Despite the obstacle posed by the obsolete connectors, I am actively searching for a suitable replacement to ensure the continued functionality of the Superpro 7000.


Prototype Boards are in Production and Should be here in About 2 Weeks.

Production Progress March 05/2025 1:00AM Check.

The Prototype Boards Arrive… Ideas Become Reality.

The First Prototype Boards Arrived March 26th ( I have a donor adapter to pull some board to board connectors off) I cannot find my stick of low temp solder so I have to order some more.

I have my Magic Chip GX Adapter ready to go for tests once I get the connectors done.

It looks like it will fit nicely!

I received my extra low temp solder 203F Melting Pointy for the donor connector removal. I did not want to risk using normal soldering temps.

The Connectors Came off nice and Easy Very little Heat

Soldered the Donor Connectors to Adapter Converter PCB
Soldered Hirose Connectors to PCB

Test Fit and Program and Verify DIP32 Package.

Test Fit and Verify Original Xeltek GX5104

Adapter ID Test Using Alt + S

Testing a TQFP44 ATMEGA8535

Programming Log

I have More Testing to do… But I think this will be a good solution using the GX adapters in place of the Unavailable EX Adapters. Yes, Xeltek could prob stop making the GX adapters backwards compatible at any time. So I recommend that ya get a Magic Chip or Mega Magic Adapter as it is currently working with the Superpro 7000 and the Superpro 7500 and this and only way for Xeltek to stop them is to update the software and they not been done since 05/19/2020 wich was the last software and devicer update for the Superpro 7000.

This project still in development.

This will need a hold down bracket as the Hirose connectors grip more then the Oupiin. I will attempt to make one to 3d print using the existing holes that have inserts in the top of the unit.

I will post the pin-out offset so if you want to make your own you can. I will make boards available for a small charge. You will need to provide your own board to board connectors.

A little progress.. I 3D Printed a Retaining Plate/Sled For the Converter the Pull Force is more for the GX Adapter then for the EX Adapters so using the existing holes this solves that issues Once done I will make the STL Available for on my printables. When I make the adapter available to the public you will have the option to print your own or buy one already made. There will be prob 2 trays one for the standard GX adapters and one for the Mega Magic.

I will be getting a Mega Magic for the 7500 soon to try with the 7000 it is on it’s way.

Some other great news… Update #3

I think I have solved the unavailable discontinued connector issue, I was able to get a company to custom make me some connectors for a reasonable price. They are a little snug but they work sure better then using / destroying an existing EX adapter for donor connectors.

Installed In the Receptical on the Superpro 7000

Looking for the Xeltek Superpro 7000 Teardown Click Here.

I am Testing with the Alex’s Mega Magic for the Superpro 7500 so far the Converter and Mega Magic are working flawlessly. Alex is a Pro at making Custom accessories for the Xeltek Programmers. I am so happy I am able to test the Mega Magic for the 7500 on the 7000.

Quick Test with a 48pin TSOP

Programs, Reads, And Verifies Just Fine.

I will have a hand full of the EX to GX adapter Available Soon if you are seeking one message me.

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