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I also at one time during my JBC Buying Experiance received Fake Tracking info Form JBC Tools seems what JBC will do to shut ya up for a little bit is say they shipped or are shipping and send you tracking details that go no ware or say they will send it to you and went it to a sales rep costing you days of downtime!

Here is my Fake Tracking Info I received form JBC.

Here is Shipping Notice. Packing List was also missing one item. Package Was supposed to have a Tray and a set of Brushes. This package only had the Tray in the packing list.

I Was Notified the Package was Scheduled For Delivery Toamrrow to Where? Not Vancouver WA but to 3 RAMON I CAJAL C

I messaged JBC about it.

This Message went unanswered!
Attachment Returning to Sender.

Showing Delivered to MOLINS DE REI, B ES

It took a lot of complaints and bothering of JBC Soldering Tools to still not get an answer why the items were not shipped till almost a month later. Out of stock? Who Knows?


Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Steven Rhine