Soon: Logical Devices Chip Master 6000 Universal Programmer Teardown

Stumbled Across this Vintage Programmer on Offerup and Facebook Marketplace made an offer and was accepted. I hope seller ships it soon I have been wanting to teardown and show the inside of one of these old vintage programmers down for a while. I now have my chance!

I know these programmers are worthless now days as they are so old I know I paid to much after shipping but worth it for the teardown content.

Item Shipped Expected Today May 11th 2024.

Saturday Arrive No Package, Delayed!! Have to love USPS Informed Delivery Getting it Wrong.

Lets Hope it arrives.. With Sellers 2.5 Stars We Shall See..

May 15th The Programmer Arrived.

Unboxing Video.

Cover Cleaned Up and Off.. The Monster 84pin PLCC FPGA chip..

On the Lower Board Location U42 W27C512 (Labtool-48 Firmware Version V2.20 Backup) is What I believe is the Firmware and ID Chip to tell the software that it is a Chipmaster 6000, LAB Tool 48, or Dataman 48/48LV. I Backed Mine up In the Dump it is showing Labtool-48 Firmware Version V2.20 I will back up a few other chips when i get the time. I tried the GAL’s I pointed out in the unboxing video but they are read protected.

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Steven Rhine