I Moved this up on my priority list… I am tired of Using a manual plunger to Distribute Solder Flux and Paste

I was able to Take a Gamble on Ebay once again for Parts or Not Working and Snaged 2 Nordson EFD Performus VII 7012336 Pneumatic Solder/Flux Dispensers. These things were very expensive.

I made an offer and ebay seller accepted.

Unboxing Video

Seller Shipped Quickly and They Arrived As Described.
Nordson EFD Performus VII 7012336 Pneumatic Solder Flux Dispensers

Inspection / Opening / Investigation!! (I Opned Both Units Only Showing 1 For now)

Closer Look at the Internals. Look at that Massive Aluminum Manifold Assembly Talk about Heavy Duty!


Connectors Din 9 Pin, Molex 8980/8981? 5.08mm Pitch 2mm Pins:Top 24V, Middle Ground, Bottom Signal, Power 6.5-5.5mm X 2.1mm X 12mm, 4mm Exhaust.

I believe the Nordson Performus Switch Male Connector is a Molex 8981 Also a Te Mate-N-Lok Mouser Links Housing and Pins I think I am going to modify this to a different connector.

I printed the Public Model of the TE Connectivity (Wich was Incomplete Missing Pin Holes) Just to test Fit and It Fit Like a Glove.

A Discord Group User RemDogKnap Remixed it added The Holes. You Can download the STL Here! (Link Soon) So I printed 4 with Tree supports, Good fit holes are a little tight will need reamed out but it works. Corners could use reinforcements some how my supports stuck to the inside solve that print issue in the slicer later.

Nordson EFD Performus VII 7012336 Pneumatic Solder Flux Dispenser 7012309 Main Board Top Pressure Sensors. I think the 4 pins on the left will be JTAG the absolute min required TDO, TDI, TMS, TCK and the 3 Pins on the bottom should be RS232/UART it matches the Theory of Operation I received form Nordson.

Nordson EFD Performus VII 7012336 Pneumatic Solder Flux Dispenser 7012309 Main Board Bottom

The Main MCU is a 40pin QFN Package MSP430F2274 Specs 16 MHz MCU with 32KB Flash, 1KB SRAM, 10-bit ADC, 2 OpAmp, I2C/SPI/UART
I made a Schematic and Firmware Request to Nordson I did receive a prompt kind reply, They provided just the user manual and theory of operation as attachments.  I am not sure if Nordson Technical are aware of the requirements that Current Right to Repair Laws and Legislation will require of a manufactures for products manufacture after July 01 2015.

So let the fun Start,

The MSP430F2274 Device is supported By My Programmers Both In Circuit and Out of Circuit with a DX4017 Adapter $535 or The Mega Magic and a Standard QFN40 to 40Dip Adapter. I like to have backups of firmware just in case there needs to be a future repair you never know. So when I get the time I will attempt to do a backup of the firmware I will attempt system first The firmware will prob be read protected but I will give it an attempt. The data sheet will give the pinout for connections I assume Nordson provided a JTAG header mentioned above or Possibly ISP programing pads. It is Sad that we have to go thru all this trouble to obtain back up of compiled binaries of devices we own. I am glad that most the current Right to Repair laws will manufactures to provide firmware and schematics. Sadly it will only apply “as of this writing” for devices made on or after July 1  2015 (Oregon) but as more states pass right to repair laws the further back it will go. I know I selected the 72 but it is the same data for the 74 I will update later.

Xeltek Superpro 6100N In System Programming Info.

Data Sheet Showing Pinout of the MCU You can clearly see the Jtag Pins I will match them to the header on the Board.
If an in system read is not possible it’s a simple QFN chip and I can pull it and read out of circuit if not protected just have to get a QFN 40 to DIP40 Adapter.

Upon Initial Inspection and Investigation of both of these units will need some attention. One will need a little refurbishment but both should be 100% repairable and fully operational with a little work.

The one that did not power in the unboxing video it had some mechanical damage to the Display Board Nordson Part # 7012299 had a screw mount broken and damage to the Max6959 display driver. I removed the short shorted pins and unit Powerd Up.

Look at the pins on the MAX6959 that is after separating them the all the pads are lifted 🙁 so I will put a drop of non conductive adhesive it should be ok for service. I may remove the board straighten the pins and do a proper repair in the future but my priority are to get this up and going.

These unit have great quality case/housings and threaded inserts, the manual shows part # 7022009  (Case, Pack of 2 – top/bottom)  I have an idea how they broke it but unsure how it would have shoved the led driver like it did? Not sure the case material did not see any marking on the case but i will stick the broken part back on.

Both Nordson EFD Performus VII 7012336 are Now Powerd Up.

I did find replacement Nordson 7012299 Displays on Feebay but not wroth 158.00 it to me price is a bit steep. Regardless parts seem to be wildly available for these.

I ordered some adapters for the barrels 2 each for 3-50CC dispensing barrels.

I have been getting some crazy fast shipping speed form china to the USA lately ETA is averaging 7-11 days not to bad.

My Adapters Took 9 Days for Arrival… I Test fit them to the controller the connectors fit like a glove no leaking and Solid connection on the stirri solder flux and paste barrels.

I will need to make or find a good finger switch or make a foot pedal for these I still plan to change my JBC desolder vacuum source to Pneumatic also. I am really leaning towards a finger switch may have to just 3d print something.

I will Also need to make a stand to hold the barrels.

For now I am just going to use foot switches So, as of may 19th this is where I am at I ahve 2 Working Nordson units and Barrel Adapters, 2 $8 Amazon foot switches and Some 3d Printed Connectors.

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