Graymills BTV-150 Ultrasonic Cleaner Teardown

Graymills BTV-150 $1,024.00 on Amazon or $1124 on Zoro or $1379.00 at MSC + Cost of A Basket.


Inside the Graymills BTV-150 tells the Story.. Power Supply & Control Board PS60-120 Jeken
I will try and read the Scraped Off Chips In a week Or So one thing I hate is shaved chips.

Capacitors Tell how cheep it is! Jwco cheapest of the cheap! Sheesh!! But they will do.

Photos of Transducers

Graymills BTV-150 Dataplate Heating Power 300W?? Really? There is the True Ultrasonic Power at 360W printed on the Back of the Unit not 720W.

Graymills BTV-150 Heating Element Says It Is 500 Watt in China Specs.

Last Updated on January 6, 2024 by Steven Rhine