On Jan 31’s The Family and World Lost Betty G Rhine @ Age 90… Natural Causes.

To Friends and Family that  may have not been able to go due to Covid restrictions here are some Photos of Grandma Betty’s Service.

Due to Covid 19 (China Virus) the Services Were Limited and Everyone that was Invited Was Spaced Out. We have Such a Large Family if the Covid Restrictions Were Not In Effect I am sure the Chapel Would have Been Packed and Overflowing! It sure was nice to see some relatives I had not seen in a very long time and know they are dong well.

The Grave Side Services Were Also Nice.. She would have been Pleased how nice the Casket Was and the Arrangements. Grandpa Dewie Rhine (His Ashes) was finally after about 13 Years was also laid to rest with her.

Pastor Jim Fitzpatrick form Cross Point Baptist (5 Corners Baptist) Did a Great Graveside Service.

Again Covid Restrictions Limited Even the Grave Side Service Attendance to Just a Handfull Even Though it was Outside. At lease the Clouds Parted and No Rain!!

I Will get better Scans… Later!!

Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Steven Rhine