I am Upgrading My Soldering Station to JBC Tools, I Ran across this JBC Tools CLMB-A Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner For Parts/Repair.

This post will be abut The JBC Tools CLMB-A Tip Cleaner Teardown and Repair.

Photos Were Corrupted Not sure Why? I will have to Tear it down again but for now the videos will have to do!

JBC Tools CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Disassembled. (Video)

Bearings F689 ZZ / EZO You can get 10pcs of cheap china made F689 on amazon for about $11.

Belt 130mm X 2.75-3mm JBC Part # 0016344 (Request Made to JBC For Price and Availability) Looks to be 3mm Eagle Green 89 Textured Round Belt.
Based on my previous experiences, I’ve learned that it’s often more cost-effective to explore alternative options. In some cases, the price discrepancy can be quite significant, with the company charging as much as 8 to 13 times the actual value of the product, such as a $3.00 off the shelf belt with no part number being offered for $25 to $40.

PCB Components

JBC CLMB-A PCB Parts: PIC18F13K22 (10/03 I Did attempt to read the PIC18F13K22 for a backup just in-case it is needed for a future repair with the XELTEK IS01 it is locked I may have had a bad connection i will try again when I open it up to replace the belt when it arrives)
MCP6L91 Op Amp
BCP56 NPN Power Transistor

Light Gate PCB’s (Sorry About the Blurry Photos Must have had Smudge on Lens I will Retake them Later)

Alternate Photo Of JBC Light Gate PCB

I am Missing The Tin Collection Tray Part # JBC 0016806 Will See If JBC Still sells this part. (Request Made to JBC For Price and Availability)

10/23 I Received a Quote Back From JBC on the Belt and the Tray. Price is Good and they are available. On 10/25 Parts Were Ordered.

Ultrasonic Cleaning (Headphone User Warning)


Awaiting the arrival of the brushes, tray, and belt. Once these parts are received, I will use the CLMB-A for a while and provide a comprehensive report. I will likely create another video detailing the bearing replacement when the time comes. However, based on my initial test, cleaning these parts proved to be effective. There doesn’t appear to be a significant load on them.

JBC 0016344 Belt For CLMB-A Motor Received 11/01 This belt is way more flexible then the one that is on the Cleaner should run much quieter.

JBC 0016806 Tray Ordered 10/25 and Received 11/13 Tracking Number 1ZA7964XD961254100
JBC 0016806 Tray


This CLMB-A – Senior Tip Cleaner seems to be a well constructed item, Lets hope the brushes CLMB-A8 at slightly over $100 a set last 3-4 times longer then the hakko brushes. Time will tell but looks to be a quality unit.

November 21st Another Package Form JBC, Tracking Number 1Z31W26F1361822624 This Package was Shipped as Promised.
JBC Tools Packaging.

I believe the brushes are inside, but unfortunately, it arrived later in the evening than expected, and I haven’t had the chance to open it yet. The brushes were ordered on October 25th, and I was initially informed that they were in stock. However, they were not available and I was not contacted by JBC. If I had been notified at the time of the order or shortly there after that they were out of stock, I could have either chosen an alternative, alternate vendor, or JBC could have checked with me to see if a substitute for the CLMB-A7 Blue Mandrel ones was ok, as the only difference is the color. Unfortunately, JBC’s lack of communication and addressing the situation promptly led to a significant delay in shipping. JBC Ignored my calls and attempts to get this resolved in a timely manor.

(Unboxing Video)

JBC Tools come in Heavy Duty Box’s CLMB-A7 – Senior Tip Cleaner Brushes Also Well Packaged Very Nice.
JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Box JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Box Opened

JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Box Locking Flap Open

These Wire Brushes stand out because they pack a dense arrangement of strands, surpassing the Hakko units in quantity. Moreover, they exhibit a noticeable difference in flexibility, being less stiff.
JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Bearing Side JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Drive Side
JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner JBC Logo

On November 22nd, the JBC CLMB-A7 brushes were successfully installed in the CLMB-A – Senior Tip Cleaner, marking readiness for a trial run on the next repair that arrives at the bench!
JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Ready to Install JBC CLMB-A7 Brushes For CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Installed

Video Of JBC CLMB-A – Senior Tip Cleaner Operating With Brushed Installed.

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