Segger Flasher 5 (Legacy) Teardown A Look Inside (Way Back Machine Link)

This is an older Flasher 5 Programming tool for ST9 and Renesas M16C/20, M16C/62, M16C/80, M38 and M79 series of Flash Microcontrollers in serial mode I wish it was a Rev 3 for the RC/8 Support But you get what you can get when you can get it. It got the Job done! Backing up the Hakko FM-202 Firmware. I am Not sure if it could be upgraded to Rev 3 hardware. If anyone has a rev 3 please please send me some photos.

Here is What it looks like inside the Segger Flasher 5
Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Opened Up
Removal of the Flasher M16 Board
Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Flasher M16 Removed
Close Up Of the Flasher M16 Board Top and Bottom
Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Flasher M16 Top Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Flasher M16 Bottom
Flasher 5 Main Board Top (Programming Header Pinout ?)
Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Main Board
Flasher 5 Main Board Bottom
Segger Flasher 5 Legacy Teardown Main Board Bottom
Flasher 5 QFP 100pin Microcontroller Renesas M16C/62 Group M30620FCMFP 128K Flash.

The Flash Memory TSOP48 29LV400 Flash.

Communications / Power

Max3221 Serial Chip

Power L272D Amplifier, Voltage In up to 24V DC LM317 Regulator (Output is 8.5V) , MAX884 LDO Regulator (Output is 3.3V)


Would be Nice to have a R3 but these are hard to locate. A or a Flasher PRO XL would be cool to mess with but still would not be capable of some of the devices.

Update History.

October 2006 Introduced Rev 3:
Flasher 5 rev. 3 comes with 2MByte Flash to store target data.
This allows programming of all RENESAS CPUs with more than 512KB Flash when Software 1.96a or above is used. All Flasher 5 with series number above 51584 can be upgraded by just using the new Flasher software.

December 2007:
Support for RENESAS R32C and R8C added.

March 2008:
Support for RENESAS R8C/28, R8C29, M16C/64, M16C/65, M16C/6s added.

April 2008:
Support for RENESAS M16C/28B, M3062LFGPFP, M3062LFGPGP added.

Hope this teardown helps the person that requested it..

I Requested Schematics From Segger This Was The Response, Another Repair Tool Company that Don’t Support The Right to Repair. Trade Secret? Still Spewing that Line LOL! Note this was for a device long out of production more then 10 years. What I was a standard anti repair F-U if your device breaks buy a new one no repair options and no documents available. So what if you brought a new-one at $1,300 – $1,600 What happen after the 1 year warranty? what happens if you have an accident or a slip and break the device?  No repair options not even form the factory!

Yes, the Newer Flashers price range is $1,300 to $1600 after shipping and tax and they do not support the devices the older flashers do so really would be useless for the target device it was intended for.

August 28th 2023 I received a follow up e-mail there may be some hope that Segger may actually support the right to repair. Lets hope the Segger the support engineer was actually correct. We shall see, but have my reservations. It should not be this hard to obtain documentation for a device that has been out of production for more then 10 years.

March 10th, 2024. I will have an update on this soon,  I decided yes, I am going to pull the TSOP and read it.

Once again, I took the plunge and acquired another Flasher 5 from Feebay, listed for Parts and Repair. Despite its bargain price, it arrived in a non-functioning state. Regrettably, it seems this will be a project for another day. Cannot win them all…

Unboxing Ebay Flasher 5 Gamble!


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