I needed to check something on the Xeltek Superpro 7500 CPU Board So I Figured I would Do a Quick Mini Teardown. The Xeltek Superpro 7500 is Little more refined in build quality then the Previous Superpro 7000 and Xeltek Superpro 5000 to Xeltek Superpro 6100N Series. First Start with taking the front cover off 4 allen/hex head screws 2 different sizes 2 on the top 2 on the bottom. Be careful of the 2 flex cables for the display and the buttons. Detach them and set face to the side. Remove the 4 Screws on the Top.

Xeltek Superpro 7500 Programmer Disassembly
The Display seems to be the same display as the Xeltek Superpro 5000-6100N and Xeltek Superpro 7000 WYM2004D / WYPCB117A

Flip the Unit on its Back and The Circuit Board Stack Assembly will lift out.

Remove the Power, Fan and Switch Cables.

The Circuit Board Stack Is Now Separated From the Housing. I Removed 4 Screws On the Corners and Lifted away the Power Supply Board SP7K-POWER Rev. 5.4. Be careful not to loose the spacers.
Xeltek Superpro 7500 Power Supply Board SP7K-POWER Rev. 5.4
Removing the Xeltek SP7K-POWER Board Reveals the Brains of the Unit The Xeltek Superpro 7500 CPU BOARD V7.2 2014 Very Different Form the Superpro 7000. It has what looks like a Tiny6410 style development stamp board (Red Board) attached. Xeltek generally plasters their name and logo on all the boards so makes ya wonder? But the CPU is the Same a S3C6410XH-66 ARM 11.  2 X 512M Dram K4X51163PI-FGC6 and 1 X K9K8G08U0E-SIB0 8Gig Flash Memory The Superpro 7000 only has a K9F1208U0C of 512MB.  I did not see the AE801 ID Chip that Xeltek uses to ID the Model Number and Serial Number it may be under the red CPU Module maybe when i take it apart again ill dig deeper.
Xeltek Superpro 7500 CPU BOARD V7.2
Xeltek Superpro 7500 CPU Board Samsung Board S3C6410XH-66 K4X51163PI-FGC6 K9K8G08U0E-SIB0
Some Jumpers Marked CTA1 Not sure what their Functions are?

Here is the UART Terminal Connector Xeltek was Nice enough to label it on the Xeltek Superpro 7500. At a later date I will try hook up and see if i can get terminal access.
Xeltek Superpro UART Terminal Access Header
Photo form a Friend the Xeltek Superpro 7500N Version is V7.4 2018 and it uses Threaded Standoffs.
Xeltek Superpro Xeltek Superpro 7500N CPU BOARD V7.4

On the bottom of the CPU Board, You Will see the ACTEL Proasic3 wich is a A3P060 The same are the Superpro 7000 This time the numbers are not Ground off like they did on the Superpro 7000.

Superpro 7500 I/O Board has a Xilinx  XC3S200A Same I/O as the Superpro 7000, Lost a Photos of the Full Top and Bottom

Here is the Board Stack Common Arrangement Power Board, CPU Board, Logic I/O Board, SP7K-V1-V2 Board SP7K-V3 Board and Ground Board.

Will post more when i open it back up another day.

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Steven Rhine