Xeltek Superpro IS01 In System Programmer

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Just Arrived Aug 22nd 2023 More Details Soon..
Xeltek Superpro IS01 In Circuit Programmer

The requests for programming assistance of assembled boards via in-circuit programming has been on the rise. It’s pertinent to acknowledge that while the Xeltek Superpro 6100N and Superpro 7500N models boast an impressive range of supported devices, their capacity for In System Programming is somewhat limited compared to the comprehensive support offered by the Xeltek Superpro IS01.

Additionally, it’s worth highlighting that the Xeltek’s Chip/Device Search reveals that certain devices are exclusively compatible with ISO1. Furthermore, some of the devises exclusive to the Segger for ISP programming are compatible with the IS01. While it might not be cost-effective for the device algorithm development for a one-time repair, having the assurance that legacy devices like the M38039FFFP are supported by the hardware is certainly reassuring if the need arises.

When considering the purchase of a used Xeltek unit, it’s crucial to ensure that it features the Holographic Foil on the bottom. that way Xeltek USA will offer device support. Additionally, verify that the Serial Number on the case aligns with the Internal Number. The Xeltek Superpro IS01 serial number information will appear during boot-up and within the software interface.
Xeltek Superpro IS01 In Circuit Programmer Top Bottom Xeltek Superpro IS01 In Circuit Programmer System Boot Serial Number
Serial Number At The Top Left Corner of The Dialog Box. Programmer 01:XXXXXX

You Should Also Register the Programmer With Xeltek USA: Xeltek Programmer Registration Form

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Xeltek SuperPro IS01 In-System Universal ISP Programmer Compared to Other ISP Programmers, Segger Flasher 5, Xilinx DLC10 Platform Cable USB II. I was going to get a Segger Flasher Pro But their slow reply and their Anti Repair Stance Shown in the Segger Flasher 5 (Legacy) Teardown Post, I am Glad I got another Xeltek Product. Xeltek’s After Sale Service is Top Notch.

Let’s compare the Xeltek IS01 to the Xeltek Superpro 6100N.
Xeltek SuperPro IS01 In-System Universal ISP Programmer Compared to Xeltk Superpro 6100N
Superpro IS01 Compared to Xeltek Superpro 7500
Xeltek SuperPro IS01 In-System Universal ISP Programmer Compared to Xeltek Superpro 7500

I 08/23 Around 10:30AM I Have requested the IS01 test algorithm (If One is Available) form Xeltek USA generally Aaron in tech support will respond in less then 24 Hours. Xeltek Responded Quickly there is not Hardware Test algorithm. So Not Sure what the TEST is in the Device List Is.

I created a brief video where I explore the capabilities of the recently acquired Xeltek Superpro IS01 In System Programmer. Programing an ATMEGA168PV Via JTAG. Sicne this is a Used Device I will be Testing a as Many In System Protocols as I Can (I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232)

My Xeltek Superpro IS01 is Authorized for Command Line and Infineon XMC13S2_Q024X0032 Device When the Device is Red it Requires a $200 Authorization.

There are also as of 09-03-2023 There are 2391 Devices that Need Authorization (*) in the Device List.  So at $200ea that can get expensive if you wanted to authorize them all it would cost you $478,200 Thats Big $$$ Some of the devices in the list can be programmed easily with alternate means for a lot less.

The Command Line / ISP DLL Option is $500 a Bonus Score, I asked Xeltek about the Labview they responded that it’s $500 but I am already authorized In the is01_lic.lib which I have backed up.

A Look Inside the Xeltek Superpro IS01

CPU: ARM920T Machine: SMDK2410
CPU S3C2410A (id 0x32410002)
S3C2410: core 200.000 MHz, memory 100.000 MHz, peripheral 50.000 MHz
S3C24XX Clocks, (c) 2004 Simtec Electronics
CLOCK: Slow mode (1.500 MHz), fast, MPLL on, UPLL on

XELTEK Electronic CO.Ltd
Copyright Protect

Linux version (root@linux) (gcc version 4.2.0 20070413 (prerelease) (CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Lite 2007q1-21)) #200 Wed Nov 23 01:25:52 MST 2011
CPU: ARM920T [41129200] revision 0 (ARMv4T), cr=c0007177

Xeltek Superpro IS01 UART Terminal Monitor Log.

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